3PL Warehouse Relocation


3PL Warehouse Relocation Services

Sooner Express Inc. has the experience and expertise to successfully relocate your warehouse – storage or distribution facility. Thereafter, we provide a full range of 3PL services to manage the relocation, facilitate your growth, improved efficiency, and reduce costs.

When you work with Sooner Express Inc., expect:

  • Established budget & timeframe deadlines including all IT, WMS, and Procurement function
  • Alignment of both management & day/day personnel throughout the entire process. We help bring and utilize the right personnel and proper equipment to quickly & safely make the move on time and budget while eliminating as much downtime as possible
  • Set up, align, and test proper IT / ERP & WMS procedures utilizing our extensive list of trusted local outside professionals
  • Alignment of transportation requirements for both warehouse, office and any remaining infrastructure materials including any non-hazardous disposal
  • Continue to identify and eliminate inefficiencies throughout the supply chain
  • Hands-on support until the job is completed

Let our decades of experience work for you!

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Our Warehouse Relocation Abilities

At Sooner Express Inc. we have the equipment, vehicles and team members necessary to plan and coordinate the warehouse move with minimal interruptions.

Our Abilities and Resources:

  • Consulting Services
  • Conveyor Installation Services
  • Crating, Packaging, Transportation Services
  • Facility Clearing and Cleaning Services
  • Flatbeds Truck, Freight Trucks, and Lift-gate Trucks Services
  • Forklift Driver, Forklift Rental and Moving Services
  • Heavy Equipment Rigging Services
  • Full-Service Material Handling Specialist
  • Pallet Racking and Shelving Installation
  • Warehouse Designing and Planning

Warehouse Relocation Process:

Sooner Express Inc. will work efficiently and diligently with your team to identify critical path items, such as high risk and time-consuming tasks. This is process is often overlooked by our competitors.  By address critical path items associated with your project. Together, we can make better decisions, allocate proper resources, minimize risks/surprises, assure compliances, safety, and so on. Overall this will result in fewer cost and time overruns and lead to a sound strategy and implementation plan.

Warehouse Relocation Steps:

  1. Assign a Warehouse Relocation Specialist to your Warehouse Manager
  2. Listen, understand, and document your company’s expectations, requirements, and goals
  3. Develop your customized strategy/project plan and acquire approval
  4. Initiate the strategy/project plan
  5. Allocate resources and execute your Warehouse Relocation project to plan

Critical path items include but not limited to the following:

  • Warehouse Designing and Planning unique to your company
  • Location Requirements
  • Safety of Employee and Goods
  • Palletize, shrink wrap and move goods from your warehouse location to your new facility
  • Rack installation or relocate your existing racks to your new location
  • Openly address all compliances and permits

Sooner Express Inc. has the experience and means to safely execute your Warehouse Relocation project with quality, on-time, and within cost.

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