Client Transition Process

Client Transition Process

A perfectly planned, client-specific transition process can help to manage multiple warehouse operations.

The transition process will determine the overall client service.

At Sooner Logistics, we value the great client service in relation to the Client Transition Process (CTP). Every business runs with its specific CTP.
Therefore, the aspects of a business, along with the rules that govern it in terms of its management, are very much affected by a CTP.

This means that the business will be defined, determined, and also documented as a unique Client Transition Process.

We always utilized a comprehensive and well-established CTP to ensure that the business we represent run according to the expectations of our clients. All that is done in a process that helps us to achieve our goal and help our clients’ businesses operate with perfection.

The first thing we do is to ask a number of questions to our clients with the aim of understanding what they expect in the end. We also define expectations for all relevant departments and service areas.

At the end of it all, we will have a transition plan, along with business rules by individual clients.

From here, we will have the right information concerning the business model and the goals of every client. Plus, we get to understand the client-specific business rules and work at helping them get their ultimate satisfaction in the end.

Once we have the information from the CTP, we will document it into an operations guidebook. The client can then review the guidebook and approve or ask for changes if need be. Generally, the Operations Guidebook acts as a reference point or a resource for our team to use it whenever they are managing the overall business activities and warehouse operations.