Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Our clients’ success is our success. For the business of our clients to be successful, a Fulfillment Inventory Management must be well in place.

Sooner Logistics comprehends the necessity of making a business decision. We also understand that the inventory status and availability of our clients will affect those decisions.

Our devoted team always ensures that the inventory information on our warehouse management system is accurate and ready whenever our clients want to access it. Each of the Sooner Logistics fraternity has the responsibility of managing the inventory of our clients.

It is naturally not as easy as such to control a chunk of stock-keeping units (SKUs), especially since we handle multiple clients at a go. Therefore, we have departments that will follow the strict procedures with checks and balances for bin moves, ongoing quality control, location replenishment, as well as pulling orders.

Sooner Logistics uses an operational methodology that helps us to get rid of data corruption. This is made possible by following our operating system rules. Too often, ignoring the operating system of a business can lead to bogus inventory.

However, Sooner Logistics never ignore the operating system at all. Rather, we always find out the problems related to a business and the operating system through a committed management team. After that, we try finding answers and make sure that the system reflects the numbers accurately.

Suppose there is an error found in the system, our team will report the found errors immediately to the department of Fulfillment Inventory Management. The issue will then be documented and the data corrected in the system. But most importantly, we research and try to solve the cause of that specific error so that it doesn’t happen in the future again.

Generally, our team will never stop until that specific problem is solved. We use our findings to amend or improve the procedures. But also, we use them to retrain our team that was responsible for fixing the error.

Since procedures and systems alone cannot bring about success, we throw in passion to make everything successful. At Sooner Logistics, we dedicate our time and efforts to helping our clients with their businesses.